Time to Time Change on Korean Actresses Plastic Surgery Before and After

Han Eun Jung plastic surgery

Unlike other place in the world Korea is quite famous for their plastic surgery. Even their actresses have done plastic surgery. Now we will see some Korean actresses plastic surgery before and after news. First is the famous Secret Garden actress Ha Ji Won we could see that her eyes look bigger now and her lips look smaller since she has small eyes and big lips before. Her face shape also seems to change since she used to have square shape face in the past but now her face seems become a bit longer. Her cheek also seems thinner but that might be because of her diet since she looks chubbier before.

Other Korean actresses plastic surgery before and after that we should discuss is Han Eun Jung. She used to have flat if not small breast before, but on her resent picture with opened dress her breast look fuller and bigger. Her face also change a bit, she used to have round shape face with chubby cheek, but now her chubby cheek has gone and her face seems to be more oval. Her nose seems also change since she used to have big nose, but now she have pointer and smaller nose especially on the bridge area.

Shocking Korean actresses plastic surgery before and after could be seen from Kim Ah Young. She used to have eyes that pointed downwards but now she seems to have bigger eyes. One thing that is very obvious might be the change on her nose. Her nose bridge used to be flatter than today and her nose seems bigger. But now her nose seems to be smaller and her nose bridge now more visible and not flat anymore. She might also get some lips surgery if not tooth fix. You could see that the way she smile has change especially on the tips of her lips.