Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery, another Example of Plastic Surgery Taken by Male

Do you think that plastic surgery only common used by women? If you think that only women who take plastic surgery, then we need to show you about Paul Stanley plastic surgery. It is one example of plastic surgery taken by men. You can find other men celebrities have taken plastic surgery too. However, in this time, we want to talk more about what Paul Stanley has done on his face. You need to know that what Paul Stanley has done to his face have made many fans disappointed and even they think that Paul has made false decision.

Well, Paul Stanley is having many fans because he is taking role as guitarist in kiss band. He is known as songwriter too. As a musician, he has unique style, which made many people love him. However, it looks that Stanley is facing problem of aging too like other celebrity. Moreover, we believe that he did not want to look older. Because of that, he decided to take some plastic surgery treatments to get younger appearance. Unfortunately, Paul Stanley plastic surgery is not giving good result on his face.

Looking from his face, we can say that he has taken several kinds of plastic surgery treatments. The first treatment that used by Stanley is eyelid surgery. It is easy to know that Stanley has taken eyelid surgery. It is because he got different appearance on his eyes. Moreover, it looks that Stanley is also having rhinoplasty and lips augmentation treatments. From those two kinds of plastic surgery treatments, he got weird appearance. His nose and his lips are having weird appearance. Maybe, Stanley is choosing inexperience surgeon to handle plastic surgery treatment on his face. We believe that he will regret many times when he looked on the mirror. He may take another plastic surgery to fix the weird appearance that he got from past treatment. We hope that you choose surgeon carefully if you do not want to have the same result like Paul Stanley plastic surgery.

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