Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The Fact about Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

Do you know that Courtney Cox has taken some plastic treatments? Well, it is hard for a celebrity like Courtney to prevent herself from using plastic surgery like other celebrities. It is because she is not young anymore. She is even almost reaching fifty ages now. We believe that Courtney has many age degradation problems on her appearance. Because of that, she decided to take several plastic surgery treatments. Courtney Cox plastic surgery is not a rumor anymore because Courtney herself has already admitted that she has taken some plastic surgery treatments and even she explained one by one about kinds of treatments that she has taken.

The first plastic treatment that she has taken is botox injection. Yes, botox injection is the most common plastic treatment that used by celebrity. Usually, people are using botox injection to help removing the wrinkle appearance and make skin face look brighter. You can see that Courtney is having clean face. She is not having any wrinkle appearance on her skin face. Beside of that, her skin face is not only looking brighter but it is also looking tighter. That is the result of Courtney Cox plastic surgery.

Moreover, she is also admitting that she has taken filler injection on her cheek and her lips. Well, filler injection is used to make plumped on some areas that injected by it. In this case, Courtney was trying to have plumped cheek and lips appearance. This is also the treatment that used by other celebrities who are facing age degradation. They are trying to get plumped cheek and lips again because it will make their appearance look younger than their real age. If we are looking on Courtney appearance, we can say that the filler injection that she has injected to her cheek and lips are showing good result. We can say that Courtney Cox plastic surgery is good and beside of that, Courtney has done something good that is admitting about what she has done to her face.

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