Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After 2014 Shocking News

angeline jolie plastic surgery

As a celebrity look is everything which is why they are willing to do anything to have beautiful look including plastic surgery. Here is some celebrity plastic surgery before and after 2014 that you should know about. First is about Pamela Anderson that known to have a lot of breast plastic surgery, but now when people see her, they would also realize something is different about her face. Other celebrity that done a breast plastic surgery is Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland, she said that she has waited for 10 years to do the job and she done it openly now.

Celebrity plastic surgery before and after 2014 always become a shocking news what’s more shocking is the plastic surgery done by Jocelyn Wildenstein on her face because she wants to look like feline which her husband loves a lot. The surgery itself cost about 4 million dollars. Playboy playmate Holly Madison could not run from the news as well since her nose and breast look different than it used to be. Then Kourtney Kardashian made a shocking statement that she has done a plastic surgery to her breast even when she still in college.

Most Celebrity plastic surgery before and after 2014 news is based on rumor since not all celebrity are willing to share their story. But when you see a celebrity for example Angelina Jolie that has beautiful natural face you will realize that there are some difference in her face especially her nose. Porsha Stewart also said to have some plastic surgery on her breast and her lips although she did it with care and not overdone it so most people would not realize it but some expert does. Her plastic surgery is one of the best surgeries done to match her face and body contour without having too big breast or too full lips.