Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Face Before and After Pictures

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Face Before and After Pictures

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery, Treatment That Turn Her Appearance Unnaturally

It is not weird anymore for an actress or actor to use plastic surgery lately. Plastic surgery is like an instant way to enhance appearance or even can help people against aging. Have you ever though that plastic surgery is not always showing good result? Even the result of plastic surgery is good; it will keep looking so unnaturally. Do you want to see the proof of that? If you do, you can see the result of Vivica Fox plastic surgery. Yes, Vivica who is taking a role in many successful movies like Independence Day has already turned to use plastic surgery treatment.

It looks that Vivica has already taken many plastic treatments. The first plastic treatment that has spotted by people is boobs job or breast augmentation. It looks that she is trying to have sexier appearance with improving her breast size. We need to admit that she is done well with it. Unfortunately, if it is only artificial, you will always gain problem. It looks that from the first Vivica Fox plastic surgery, she is getting ripple appearance on her breast. The ripple spotted on camera and it spread really fast in online media and forums.

Moreover, besides taking breast augmentation, she was also taking nose job and lips augmentation. Once again, we admit that she has gained good result from those two methods. It looks that she is trying to fix her nose shape. She is having better nose bridge appearance than before. We also look that she has gained more confident after taking those some plastic treatments. However, even she is having better appearance from using some plastic surgery treatments, but we can say that she is not having natural appearance. Her beauty is only artificial effect from plastic surgery. What do you think about Vivica Fox plastic surgery? Are you having the same opinion like us?

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