Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Breasts Before and After Photos

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Breasts Before and After Photos

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery, the Plastic Treatment That Can Turn Old Women to Have Sexy and Hot Appearance

Susan Sarandon who is taking a role in Dead Man Walking is having really hot and sexy appearance lately. However, the winner of Academy Award, Susan Sarandon is not young anymore. How can she have such perfect body like the one young people like that? Well, if something weird appears especially on celebrity appearance, we can blame it on plastic surgery treatment. Susan was admitted too that the rumor about Susan Sarandon plastic surgery is true. She really has taken some plastic surgery to maintain her appearance.

Do you want to know what kinds of plastic treatment that used by her to get nice body on her age? You can find out kinds of plastic treatment that she has done here. First, if you check on her breast, you will see that Susan is having bigger and tighter breast than before. We even can say that her breast can make many people pay attention on her. Well, she has admitted that she used breast implant to improve the size of her breast twice than the normal size. We need to say that Susan Sarandon plastic surgery especially her breast implant is showing good result.

Moreover, she is also taking other treatment. The other treatment that she has taken is liposuction. She was using liposuction to reduce the fat to get better appearance. She was using liposuction under her eyes and on her chin. The result of liposuction is giving Susan fresher appearance. However, she does not admit one plastic treatment. She is not admitting that she has taken botox injection. It is clear that she has taken botox injection on her face. It is because she is not having any wrinkles even she is 66 years old now. Do you think that Susan is having better appearance? Do you love with the result of Susan Sarandon plastic surgery?

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