Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture Change

megan fox plastic surgery after

Megan Fox beautiful artist and celebrity might not want to admit that she has several plastic surgeries. But we could see that there are many Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after pictures online that shows the changes that she has in face. She has done minor and quite large surgery on her face during several years which resulted in her current face. To be able to see the different you might want to look for Megan younger picture and compared it to her current picture then you will see the dramatic difference between them since it is too obvious to ignore all together.

Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after could be seen from her 2005 picture which shows slight change on her nose. On 2006 her eyes starts to change a bit, but her nose job has gone way too much which makes it look too unrealistic. On 2009 she begins to touch other face area such as the lips. Although at this point she only inject some filler on the upper lips but it makes her lips shape change a bit. This could be her best look if she does not decide to change anything else anymore since she look fabulous even with less makeup.

Sadly Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after is not stopping right then because in 2010 she decides to inject some filler to her cheek. This make her face look rounder and older since it creates bloated area on her cheek moreover she also add more filler to her lips which makes it too much. Luckily she realizes this and changes her look quite a lot since all of this is gone. Her cheek and lips are back to normal which makes her look naturally beautiful. As you could see injection could be quite disaster when done too much but with small and careful selection you could use it.