Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery, Proof That Korea Is Leader on Plastic Surgery

It looks like nobody will doubt anymore about Korean plastic surgery experience. If we are talking about plastic surgery, then Korea is the first thing that comes out to our mind. Well, Korea is famous with plastic surgery experience. We can find easily clinic to take plastic surgery on that country. We even do not need to worry if we are taking plastic surgery treatment in Korea. It is because expert does most plastic surgery treatment. Because of that, we rarely found fail plastic surgery treatment on Korean celebrity. If we want to know how great Korean plastic surgery, then we can look on Goo Hara plastic surgery.

One of Kara personal named Goo Hara has already confessed about taking plastic surgery many years ago. The reason that she made confession about taking plastic surgery seems because her past photo was spreading through internet. Her past photo is different with her appearance now. Because of that, many people believed that she has taken some plastic surgery. Moreover, that rumor about Goo Hara plastic surgery proven after she made confession directly to media.

Based on Goo Hara confession, she has taken approximately three kinds of plastic surgery in her life. Those three plastic surgery treatments are double eyelid surgery, nose fix treatment, and teeth fix treatment. If we are looking on her face, it really shows that she has taken those three plastic surgery treatments. She has better eyes shape than past time. It is because double eyelid surgery. Beside of that, she is also having better nose shape after taking nose fix treatment. Now, her nose is look cuter than her past time. Her teeth are also having the same result like other plastic surgery treatments she has taken. Well, looking from Goo Hara plastic surgery, we believe that Korea is still being number one in plastic surgery treatment.

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