Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery, Proofs of Successful Plastic Procedures Usage

Do you know that many people have been talking about Emily Blunt who is famous actress that took role in The Devil Wears Prada? Well, what most people are talking lately in some online forums is not her great performance on some movies, but people are talking about Emily Blunt plastic surgery. She is also one actress who suspected as plastic surgery patient because of many changes appear on her face. Actually, we do not surprise anymore if actress like Emily Blunt has suspected as plastic surgery patient. However, we prefer to feel regret with her decision because it seems that she is too young to take procedure on her face.

We can say that Emily Blunt is not necessary to take plastic procedures to enhance her appearance. Beside because she is having natural beauty, she is also not old enough to get treatment like that. She is 27 years old in this year. However, in her age, she has taken several serious plastic procedures for improving her appearance. The first treatment that she has taken is lips augmentation. You can easily see that she has wider lips appearance now. Actually, there are still many more Emily Blunt plastic surgery treatments.

Beside her lips that have wider appearance, her cheek is also having wider appearance now. To improve the size of cheek, people usually used cheek implant. We believe that Emily was also having cheek implant to reshape her cheek. Moreover, it looks that Emily is also having improvement on her nose shape. If you look closer, you will easily see that her nose is smaller than before. Her nose looks more beautiful now and we think it really fit with her new appearance. Looking from Emily Blunt plastic surgery result, we need to admit that what she has done in younger age is not just a waste. She is done it well without overdoing it.

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