Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery, the Other Sad Story after Taking Plastic Surgery

Do you think that with taking plastic surgery will always make your face better than before? If you believe that plastic surgery can always help you get better appearance, then you should read about the sad story from Donatella Versace who needs to regret her decision in taking plastic surgery in the rest of her life. When we are looking on the result of Donatella Versace plastic surgery, we believe that she is one of plastic surgery victim. It looks that almost the entire plastic treatments that she has chosen are not giving her good result. Even we can say she is having the worst result from taking plastic surgery.

We do not understand about what can make her plastic surgery experience fatal failure like that. However, we believe that she was choosing inexperience surgeon or it is her destiny to get worst result of plastic surgery. however, until this time, we conclude that what make her need to regret after taking Donatella Versace plastic surgery which become hot topic in some celebrity online forum is because she has overdone the treatment. It seems that she has used many kinds’ procedures on her face.

We always said to you that are important not to use many kinds of treatments simultaneously. It will make you able to get worst result from it. Donatella Versace seems has overdone in taking plastic surgery like botox injection, facelift, lips augmentation, and rhinoplasty. The worst result is getting from lips augmentation. After using lips augmentation, she has weird lips appearance. Her lips are not having great shape and even we can say it is very weird lips appearance. However, she got successful result with using rhinoplasty treatment. The nose shape looks very normal. She is also taking good result on her facelift treatment. She has smooth and tighten skin face now. However, she needs to fix her lips appearance if she does not want to get the ugly appearance as the result of lips augmentation. With understanding about Donatella Versace experience, we believe that you will think twice if you want to follow the Donatella Versace plastic surgery.

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