Did Rachel Zoe Have a Nose Job

Did Rachel Zoe Have a Nose Job

Rachel Zoe Nose Job and Other Treatments Possibility Have Taken by Her

Do you know Rachel Zoe who is famous as fashion stylist? Well, it looks that she has taken some procedures on her face like other celebrities lately. Many people have make speculation about the appearance of her new photo, which shared via Instagram. It looks that she has different appearance than usual. The first thing that becomes hot topic in many online forums is about Rachel Zoe nose job. Many people believed that she has taken rhinoplasty procedure because it looks that she has new nose shape than before.

Even she is not confirming yet about the Rachel Zoe nose job rumor that spread in many online forums, but we have statement from professional plastic surgery that told Rachel Zoe looks have taken nose job. It is because her nose shape is look thinner and better than before. It is also easily for us to figure it out that she has taken rhinoplasty. However, beside of rhinoplasty, we are also finding some proofs that she might have taken more procedures on her face. it is because her skin face is not having any wrinkle like before anymore.

Looking from her skin face which is wrinkleless now, we believe that she is also taking botox injection to remove the entire wrinkle appeared on her forehead. Moreover, we also believed that she has taken facelift to make her skin face look tight. Having tight skin face will make you look younger and we believe that is what she wants to have from taking those procedures on her face. If we calculate, we believe that she has spent about $ 30.000 to make her face look younger. Well, it is not too much money for popular people like Rachel Zoe if she can get younger face like the one she desired. After all, we can say that Rachel Zoe nose job is good like the other treatments that she has taken on her face.

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