Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery, Showing Bad Side Effect from Taking Botox Injection

Dana Delany plastic surgery is one proof that using plastic surgery is not always safe enough. You will see the confession from Dana Delany after she used botox injection on her skin face. Before that, let us discuss first about the actor who is not young anymore. Dana Delany is one of professional actor who has reached 50 years old. Well, you must understand that most of actor especially professional actor cannot accept their face condition, which happen because of age. Because of that, most of them prefer to take plastic surgery, which is not always safety to help them get younger face appearance.

Actually, many people especially her fans regretted about her decision to take plastic surgery. It is because Dana Delany is still having good appearance even in her ages. Fortunately, she is not trying to get any other plastic surgery after she has experienced bad side effect from taking botox injection. Well, It is nice decision that taken by Dana Delany. However, you need to know too about what the bad side effect which appear in Dana Delany plastic surgery. We think it will be great information for you who want to have plastic surgery.

Dana Delany herself said that she has taken some botox injection to solve wrinkle problems, which start appearing on her skin face many years ago. The reason why she bravely taken that decision was because she believed on a doctor who gave her advice to take botox injection. It was good in the first time when she taken botox injection. Her skin start transform into young skin age again. Her wrinkle disappears and it was the great moment for her. However, after many times using botox injection, she started feeling droopy eyes. That was the bad side effect which experienced by Dana Delany after taking botox injection.  We hope that nobody will experience the same problem like the bad side effect, which appeared in Dana Delany plastic surgery.

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