Courteney Cox Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Courteney Cox Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Courteney Cox Breast Implants, Is It Only Post Breakup Plastic Surgery Syndrome?

When we are looking at many celebrity behaviors, maybe we will be chuckled. It is because this time, you will be able to see other weird behavior from celebrity which taken plastic surgery as post breakup syndrome. Courteney Cox is one of suspected celebrity, which decided to take breast implant as the result of post breakup syndrome. Many people have talked about Courteney Cox breast implants and the possibility reason why she decided to take that treatment. The reason why she decided to take breast implants treatment is believed because of she has breakup with her ex-husband. Is it weird for you? If yes, you can laugh about it because many people have laughed first.

Even she is not confessing about the rumor of Courteney Cox breast implants, but many people can get the answer easily from her newest bikini photo with other old bikini photo. Her photos are showing and giving the answer about that rumor clearly. Usually, women will lose the tightness and the size of her breast when they reach 40 years old. However, Courteney Cox is not like that, in her 46 years old, she even get bigger and tighter breast than before. Is it normal? We can say, off course not.

Well, this rumor is not rumor anymore because we have already gotten the answer with looking on her pictures. Beside of that, a plastic surgery specialist is talking that he believed Courteney Cox has taken breast implant because of her breast is not having normal appearance. It looks bigger than before which is impossible for improving the breast size without using any plastic surgery. Beside of that, he is also said that the breast implant is always leaving the same classic problem. If you want to know about what the classic problem in Courteney Cox breast implants, you need to see that she has roundness shape in the upper pole of Courteney Cox`s breast.

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