Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong that Might End Their Career

Tara Reid plastic suregry

Having a plastic surgery for celebrity is a common thing although most of them do not want to admit it. One of the reasons why they do not want to admit it is because some celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong that might end their career. For example Renee Zellweger that do not admit any surgery but her face looks different especially her eyes that looked bigger which makes her look weird. Meg Ryan also done several surgery secretly first her lips that looks not fuller but wider, then she also add some implants to her cheek which makes her face blown.

Other celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong is experienced by Tara Reid who once had a surgery to her breast and liposuction to her stomach. But the result is not satisfying since they look saggy for her body. Fortunately she was able to repair it a few moments later although some said that the impact still visible. You might now Donatella Versace and wonder what have she done so she gets her current looks. Well she does not look like that, but 20 years of plastic surgery, botox, and injection all over her face are changing her looks. She should have stopped years ago when things could still be fixed.

Sometimes the reason why celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong is because they done some procedure that does not approved by FDA. Some celebrity gone abroad to do surgery that is not available in US. Suzanne Somers said to done a procedure called stem cell facelift which insert the stem cell in the face to reduce wrinkle. Although this procedure is quite effective to reduce wrinkle but the problem is that the tissue from the cell inserted keeps growing which doctor could not control. This will make the part inserted grows bigger and the face would look unbalance and unnatural.