Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery, the Worst Plastic Surgery Result

Do you know about Scott Thompson or known better as carrot top? Yes, he is a comedian who has unique style. He has painted his hair into red color. That is what makes people easily know him. However, many times ago, he has made fatal decision, which makes many people who love him turned to hate him. Yes, he is also the same with other celebrities. He has taken some plastic surgery. He maybe wants to improve his appearance for his fans, but what he has done even make many people do not like with him. What kinds of Carrot Top plastic surgery? Let us find out what he has done to her appearance.

Scott Thompson or carrot top is not saying something about the rumor that spread in many online media. It looks that he is not paying attention about Carrot Top plastic surgery rumor. Even he is not making any statement about that rumor; it is not hard to find out is it true or not. We only need to compare his past and newest photo to find out kinds of plastic surgery treatment that has taken by him.

If we are looking on her past photo and then comparing it with the newest photo, we can see clearly that he has different nose shape. He is having more pointed nose shape now. His nose is also smaller than before. Because of that, we believe that he has used rhinoplasty to reshape his nose. Moreover, we are also spotted that he might have used botox injection. It is because his face is not having any wrinkles and the skin face looks so tight. Botox injection and rhinoplasty are not the only Carrot Top plastic surgery, many people are also speculated that he might have used more than those two procedures to turn his face.

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