Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Face Before and After Photos

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Face Before and After Photos

We have seen many celebrities have taken plastic surgery to improve their appearance or to maintain their beauty in their old age. Brooke Burke is one good example of celebrity who used plastic surgery to keep maintaining her beauty. She is getting popularity after becoming model. However, if you look on her appearance, you will not believe that she is 42 years old now. Because she is not showing any age degradation on her face even she is not young anymore, many people start speculating if her appearance is the result of Brooke Burke plastic surgery.

If we are looking on her appearance, we can guess that she has used many kinds of plastic surgery treatments. The first possible plastic treatment that she must have used is botox and filler injection. Botox and filler injection usage is answering how can she does not have any wrinkle on her skin face. Beside of that, with using botox and filler injections, she is also gaining smooth and tighter skin face. Moreover, the other possible Brooke Burke plastic surgery is rhinoplasty. She is having different nose shape than her past. She is having narrower and sharper nose shape. There is no other treatment, which can turn her nose shape like that except rhinoplasty.

Moreover, she is also having breast reduction. People rarely use this plastic treatment. Usually, people will use breast augmentation. However, because Brooke Burke has bigger breast before, then she might want to reduce her breast size. Even her breast size is smaller now, but she is still having sexy appearance.

The last plastic surgery treatment that Brooke Burke has taken is abdominoplaty. Maybe you rarely heard about this treatment before. This treatment is usually used to flat stomach. Brooke Burke has four children. It is hard to have flat stomach as if she has without using any plastic surgery. She must have taken abdominoplasty to get nice flat stomach like that. Well, if we are looking the appearance of Brooke Burke, we need to admit that Brooke Burke plastic surgery is showing great result.

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